[FFXIV] Blue Mage Solo, #104 Nightbloom – Castrum Fluminis: Tsukuyomi


I have learned Blue Magic #104 Nightbloom, with solo progression.
You can learn the magic at Castrum Fluminis which is one of Lv70 trials.


How to Learn

Nightbloom can be learned from Tsukuyomi.

First Phase (start – 2m10s)

Torment Unto Death (なぶり殺し) is the cone attack.
You should cover yourself with Gob Skin.

Lead of the Underworld (黄泉の銃弾) is stacking AoE.
I guarded myself by Diamondback.
And you can ignore Midnight Hazes (夜の煙), because they cause only your attack power down.

Second Phase (2m10s – 4m30s)

At first, you face two enemies.
In the video, I used Phantom Flurry and Eruption

Next, six enemies occur.
After they fall in the center by Electrogenesis, I attack with 4 times Surpanakha, Both Ends and Shock Strike.

Continuously, Asahi and Zenos will pop up in sequence.
You must beat them in remaining time.

Third Phase (4m30s – end)

Lead of the Underworld (黄泉の弾丸) can be guarded by Diamondback.
But before using it, you should move to other color side.

Lunacy (月下繚乱) is stacking AoE too.
You can be guarded by Diamondback, but you should be careful not to empty MP.

I have learned by 2 times challenges.

Used Skills

  • Constant
    • Basic Instinct
    • Mighty Guard
    • Aetherial Mimicry (Healer)
  • Heal
    • Pom Cure
  • Attack
    • GCD (Normal)
      • Bristle
      • Song of Torment
      • The Rose of Destruction
      • Electrogenesis
      • Blood Drain
    • GCD (Burst)
      • Whistle
      • Tingle
      • Triple Trident
      • Cold Fog / White Death
    • Instant Abilities
      • Shock Strike
      • Glass Dance
      • Eruption
      • Surpanakha
      • J Kick
      • Both Ends
      • Phantom Flurry
  • Others
    • Gobskin
    • Diamondback


Skill Description

Here is the description of the skill.
This action has a potency of 1900, including DoT damage.

Number of blue magics to be learned is 5.

Thank you!

Lv70 Blue Magic Spells
NoSpellHow to learn
81Triple Tridenton the field
82Tingleon the field
83Tatami-gaeshiKugane Castle
84Cold Fog[article] The Burn
85Stotram[article] Lakshmi, in Emanation
86Saintly Beam[article] Phantom Train, in Sigmascape V1.0
87Feculent Flood[article] Saint Mocianne’s Arboretum (Hard)
88Angel’s SnackWhalaqee Totem
89Chelonian Gate[article] Hells’ Lid
90The Rose of Destruction[article] The Temple of the Fist
91Basic Instincton the field
92Ultravibrationon the field
93Blaze[article] Alte Roite, in Deltascape V1.0
94Mustard BombOmega, in Alphascape V3.0
95Dragon ForceWhalaqee Totem
96Aetherial Sparkon the field
97Hydro Pull[article] The Drowned City of Skalla
98Malediction of Water[article] The Swallow’s Compass
99Choco Meteoron the field
100Matra MagicWhalaqee Totem
101Peripheral SynthesisOmega, in Alphascape V3.0
102Both Ends[article] The Swallow’s Compass
103Phantom Flurry[article] Suzaku, in Hells’ Kier
104Nightbloom[article] Tsukuyomi, in Castrum Fluminis