[FFXIV] Gunbreaker Actions – from Job Actions Video


PLL on 2021/09/19, job actions video is published.

Actions of Gunbreaker starts on 6:22.


1. Royal Guard

Increasing enmity

2. Bloodfest

Adding 3 (not 2) Cartridges.

3. Lightning Shot

Ranged attack

4. Rough Divide

Jumping attack

5. Keen Edge

1st action of basic combo

6. Brutal Shell

2nd action of basic combo

7. Gnashing Fang

1st action of burst combo
cost of 1 cartridge

8. Jugular Rip

Action of Continuation

9. Savage Claw

2nd action of burst combo

Abdomen Tear

Action of Continuation

11. Wicked Talon

3rd action of burst combo

12. Eye Gouge

Action of Continuation

13. Slid Barrel

3rd action of basic combo
Adding 1 cartridge

14. Blasting Zone

Instant action for attacking to single enemy

15. Heart of Stone

Defensive action for a party member of self

16. Fated Circle

AoE attack to all nearby enemies
cost of 1 cartridge

17. Demon Slice

1st action of AoE combo
attack to all nearby enemies

18. Demon Slaughter

2nd action of AoE combo
attack to all nearby enemies

19. Bow Shock

DoT attack to all nearby enemies

20. Burst Strike

Attack to single enemy, cost of 1 cartridge

21. New Action

Maybe Continuation after Burst Strike

22. New Action

Attack to all nearby enemies?
cost of 2 cartridge

Actions not found

  • No Mercy
  • Camouflage
  • Nebula
  • Aurora
  • Superbolide
  • Heart of Light
  • Tank common actions